Kohla Alpinist 100% Mohair Climbing Skin for Spitz

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This new development is unique, completely understandable and obvious! The first waterproof climbing skin enhances the performance of the adhesive layer and climbing layers and has a tremendous impact against glopping. The innovative mechanical fabric is ultra-thin and compact at the same time and has an incredible feel that combines robustness with fine handling.

The high-precision cuts using laser technology and the variable attachments offered by Kohla complete the new „Alpinist Series“. Made for everyone with high standards and alpine experience. The purest Mohair from Angora goats together with the waterproof skin construction opens up new possibilities and increases the specifications and requirements for Kohla climbing skins. The future begins now.

• Waterproof skin construction made of 2 layers
• High-precision laser cutting
• Finest pure Mohair fabric
• Newly developed Smart Hot-Melt Adhesion
• Customizable fastening systems
• Plastic parts made of the top-quality materials