Founder and boss
Hans Innerebner
In the Sarntal Valley also known as "Ski Hans" because of his passion for skiing and called "Tate" (Sarntal dialect for "father") by his sons, he is the visionary of the project. After he was able to get a job at the Sarner ski factory, like so many other inhabitants of the Sarntal Valley, when he was young, he had the idea to launch the Sarner skis again. But his drive is nothing new: in 1980 he founded the Sarner Tiefschneeclub (an association for ski mountaineering geeks), which still exists today. Between 1981 and 1984, he organized a ski race in the open country from the Auener Alm to Sarnthein, in which national skiers Herbert Plank, Jolanda Plank and Thea Gamper also took part. In 1986 he brought the first mountain bike after a trip from Milan to the Sarntal Valley. You almost have to hold him back. He is always looking for improvements and has ideas all the time. Hans loves to be in company and share everything with his friends. But he prefers the peace and solitude of the mountains to the hustle and bustle of the city.
Lukas Innerebner
Whether it's a business plan, minutes of meetings or to-do lists, Lukas is the administrative guy in the team. Most of the time he has to hold the others back when too futuristic ideas are discussed again. Lukas prefers the amenities of the lifts and is more likely to be on the slopes than off-piste. Absolute favourite slope: From Lagazuoi to Sas Dlacia, followed by a fruit salad at Armentarola. He moved from Rome to Zurich two years ago, but he has still not learned Swiss punctuality. In addition, Lukas likes contemporary art, electronic music, Campari Limone and his pasta machine.
Christoph Innerebner

Christoph is a bon vivant who wouldn’t allow anything or anyone to take away his joy of skiing.

For him, the perfect skiing day includes turns in fresh powder and a hearty snack at the summit.

When the mountain calls, it can happen that some organizational things, to the suffering of the other team members, get left behind.

But Christoph is simply a nature lover, besides skiing, he spends a lot of time on his mountain bike in the forest and on his racing bike, preferably climbing the highest passes that can be found. No wonder he needs mountains near him.

Iryna Kucher
The wizard of Pantone codes and creator of Sarner Ski design. After living in Sarner Ski for several years, she recently moved to Denmark to earn a PhD at the prestigious design university in Kolding. She has a passion for cultural anthropology and her work is characterized by an investigative and trans-disciplinary approach. Consequently, she has tried to integrate the values and traditions of the Sarntal Valley into the design of our skis. Moreover, he cares about sustainability and helps the project to have the lowest environmental impact. At the weekend you can meet her in the nature for walks in the mountains or on the ski slopes (if you need a review on the Amager Bakke she is the person to go).